Dublin Garden Festival

Birdboxes, barbecues, scented candles, local honey … not the things one expects to meet in the grounds of medieval Christ Church Cathedral. But this was the buzz surrounding the 3-day Dublin Garden Festival 2014, set in and around the wonderful Christ Church Cathedral, a feature of Dublin life for almost a thousand years.

june14 164

Stallholders engaged with the public, selling craft items like handmade baskets and herbal soaps.

A lovely tented tea room was set up by Peacock Green with dazzling displays of scones, quiches and cakes. On my first visit, I spied two vicars and their wives, china teacups in hand … not unlike a scene from an Agatha Christie novel. Thankfully no murders ensued!

Nearby Peacock Green offered the more casual grazer delicious barbecued koftas and burgers, served up with a smile on homemade bread.

June 2014 183

Falcons and a petting zoo added to the fun for families, made even more appealing by free entrance to the grounds.

The seriously garden-minded, paid an Entrance fee into the Cathedral itself to admire the floral displays and listen to talks from some of Ireland’s garden gurus such as Helen Dillon, Diarmuid Gavin, Gerry Daly, Christopher White and The Sodshow’s Peter Donegan.

june14 234

There had clearly been marathon preparations beyond the flowers – wooden surfaces shone and floors gleamed.

June 2014 143


The flowers were largely floral arrangements, the scent of lilies powerful in the confines of the Church.

Since this was a “Garden” rather than a “Flower” festival, I was pleased to see the presence of trees

June 2014 163

decorated screens,

june14 182

and a charming daisy filled “lawn” complete with birdbath.

june14 257

I usually descend into crypts with some trepidation .. drawn on by curiosity, but wary of the eeriness.

june14 265

But in this 12th century crypt, the largest in Britain and Ireland, I met wonderful stallholders, selling jewellery and knitted goods, and lighting the darkness with their warm welcome.

The crypt is the oldest structure in Dublin, stretching under the Cathedral, which rests on its “forest of rough-stone pillars”.

Dublin Bus Poster

This was the first Dublin Garden Festival, in a season of many horticultural events in Dublin, and I, for one, hope it is just the beginning!

June 2014 161



14 thoughts on “Dublin Garden Festival

  1. Looks full of interest and very tastefully put together. The flowers inside the cathedral make a stunning picture. So pleased it was a scented affair too!! Photo 143 could almost be a medieval painting.


  2. I really do hope that this is the first Festival of many! What an incredible event! You gave such a comprehensive over- view of it all. I would love to go and would certainly buy some of that fabulous looking Honey. I have a Honey cupboard in my kitchen and I certainly need to add Honey from Dublin to my collection.
    I see Helen Dillon’s column in the rhs mag. I like her because she wrote of something she called “the delphinium wind”. I too know what it is like to hear the wind breaking my flowers.


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