A flower filled Chateau – Floralia 2014.

On the outskirts of Brussels, surrounded by woodland, lies a magical 12th century Château – Groot-Bijgaarden Castle.

 May 2014 523

The cobbled road, worn by the wheels of many carriages, leads across the moat, through the 14th century Gatehouse, turrets on either side telling tales of its past history.

May 2014 222

A stroll in the parkland of this picturesque Chateau is worthy of a visit alone, but in Spring it is ablaze with the colours of one million tulip bulbs. This is the Floralia festival held in April/May each year.


Timing is everything with bulbs. Last year I visited in May to admire the tulip colours; the same time this year, after Belgium’s warm Spring, the tulips were almost finished but the rhododendrons were ablaze.

May 2014 012

Walking in the rhododendron dell, next to the orchard, all the senses were assailed – colour, scent and the loud hum of hundreds of bees.

May 2014 084


May 2014 054


May 2014 068

May 2014 080


This year, in the more formal sunken garden, the trees have been heavily pollarded and stand like living sculptures.

May 2014 039

There are hints here and there of the garden’s past history – stone steps, archways and rose-entwined pillars… or perhaps these are simply placed there to be suggestive of that past history.

May 2014 045

May 2014 047

The origins of the Castle/Chateau date back to the 12th century, but over time, it became quite dilapidated until renovations began in the early part of the 20th century. The gardens and the 14 hectare park were landscaped by Louis Fuchs, designer of many parks in Belgium, at that time too.

May 2014 013

The Chateau is built in the Flemish Renaissance style, of red brick with white stone mullioned windows and a blue slate roof. It is exceedingly picturesque, with a tower and integral Chapel on the right wing and a bulb-shaped roof on the left wing. I couldn’t help reflecting how appropriate that bulb shape was in the Springtime!

May 2014 150


Nearby is a massive 30 foot high dungeon, built around 1347.

May 2014 154

The Chateau is surrounded by a wide moat which is spanned by a lovely 5 arched bridge; in other places more rustic bridges span the water.

May 2014 155

Inside the ancient Chapel, sacred music plays and one is assailed by the colour of orchids and the scent of lilies.

May 2014 204


The formal garden of box hedges, topiaried balls and colourful formal planting lies within the moat and to the right of the Chapel.

It is certainly worth a visit to the Floralia Spring Festival at Groot Bijgaarden/Grand Bigard if you are in Brussels – not quite on the scale of Keukenhof, but then none of the crowds either.

Photos from Iphone May 2014 562

Further information here.

28 thoughts on “A flower filled Chateau – Floralia 2014.

    • I’m not sure if there are regular services but the Chateau can be hired for weddings and the Chapel can be used for the ceremony. The Chapel is a bit decrepit but full of atmosphere and history.


  1. Oh Lorna, this Chateau is indeed magical looking, just gorgeous. I love that there’s a moat! 😀 I would so love to visit a place like this some day. ❤ Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them!


    • Thanks so much Julie – glad you enjoyed it. I think there are lots of nice Chateaux around Brussels – hope I’ll get to see one or two more whilst we’re here.


  2. I am stunned by this post with it’s beautiful photos of a stunning place. I love the Tulips, the stone details, the fairy tale-like castle, the covered bridge ( how I wish I could have one of those). The pollarding was incredible and became a living sculpture.
    I would really love to go there. Thank you.
    (Oh, I forgot to say how I loved the tile floor).


    • Karen, thanks for your comments. The really nice thing about a visit here is its very relaxed air – nothing is too pristine and one has to look for all the lovely details, which I much prefer to headsets and big notices pointing everything out.


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