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Jardin prides itself on listening to the needs of our clients. We provide a range of services, suitable to every budget.

How we work:

  • The Two-Hour Consultation – a two hour consultation in your garden, in the Dublin area.  Cost : €75.  Gardens further afield may be charged for extra travel time and fuel costs.
  • Full Design Service – in the case of a full makeover, an initial visit will be made, followed by a detailed survey of your garden, and a detailed design and planting scheme will be drawn up. As the client, you will be involved in every stage of the design process. Typical cost for a design for an average garden would be  €300 – €500
  • Renovation – sometimes the garden may just need an overhaul, borders rejuvenated and focal points created. A one-day overhaul would cost from €150 plus the cost of plants and features.
  • Ornaments, Features, & Focal Points – we can source unique windowboxes, water features, and garden statuary, as well as a full range of garden furniture, either contemporary or historic in character.

Get in touch to arrange a visit on or +353 871 405 256 (more options available on our Contact page).