A Floral Odyssey in Dublin.

Earlier this year I chanced upon a Spring Flower Show, run by the local Naul Garden and Flower Club,  in the lovely setting of Ardgillan Castle – more here.

Ardgillan March 2014 041

The scent and colour of Spring blossom was a welcome sight after the long winter.

But an even larger event is about to be staged in Dublin – the WAFA World Flower Show, “A Floral Odyssey”, from the 18th  to the 22nd June, and promises to be a real treat.

I adore cut flowers, but readily admit I’m more of a gather-from-the-garden and place rustically in a vase variety.


So I really admire the artistry, skill and patience required to form a floral work of art.

We had a foretaste of the skill required and the sheer enthusiasm of flower arrangers in Ireland at the recent Bloom in the Park Garden Show, with the A.O.I.F.A. Floral Art competition display.These are some entries in the category “Voyage of Discovery”.

Bloom 2014 027

I like the use of colour and the “sails” on this floral voyager.

Bloom 2014 028

This is the stunning Gold Medal winner, “A Passage to India”.

Bloom 2014 032

There were orchids, roses, anthuriums, proteas and calla lilies amongst the exhibits in the “Fabulous Flora” category.

Bloom 2014 025

I’m not always a fan of pink and yellow together, but here it looks wonderful – the subtle pink of the anthuriums being intensified in the outer petals of the yellow roses.

Bloom 2014 033

As I stood back to admire each arrangement, pondering on the whys and wherefores of Medals awarded, fellow enthusiasts would happily engage in conversation as to the merits of each exhibit.

Flower arranging follows much of the same principles of garden design – balance, contrast, colour, proportion.

Bloom 2014 024

This is the first time Ireland has hosted the World Flower Show, the “Olympics of flower arranging”, which is held every three years.

Over the four days, 600 floral artists from 31 member countries will compete – truly a “Floral Odyssey”.

More information here.



20 thoughts on “A Floral Odyssey in Dublin.

    • Yes, a simple vase of country flowers is very soft and pretty.
      Flower arranging is a very intense, artistic control of the material.
      Perhaps like a cottage garden versus Versailles – both have their own appeal.


  1. Gee — I can only wish I were so talented!
    I’m with you entirely in your statement: “I adore cut flowers, but readily admit I’m more of a gather-from-the-garden and place rustically in a vase variety.”

    Lovely pix and post; thanks for sharing.


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