Postcards from the edge. Bloom 2014.

Creating an impact in a space only 2m by 3m is a difficult task, but there is much to hold the attention in these six little “postcard gardens”.

Bloom 2014 053

It’s Bloom time in Dublin – Dublin’s Garden and Food festival. The large crowds hurtle towards the Floral marquee, the Show Gardens and artisan food stalls, but many pause on their exit to appreciate the ideas being showcased by the various Societies who have built these postage stamp gardens.

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina took care to visit small as well as large exhibits.

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina took care to visit small as well as large exhibits.

Irish people are well known for their “gift of the gab”, enhanced by kissing the Blarney Stone, and Blarney Castle and Gardens, Co Cork, presented us with  “thumbnail imagery” of what awaits the visitor to Blarney, in a representation of a Celtic Cross with Irish Ogham alphabet.199

The Community Garden Network showcased their ideas about growing food and mutigenerational connectedness.


The lovely planting in the Irish Wildlife Trust’s “Our Natural Heritage” sought to highlight some of Ireland’s unique habitats – rich grassland meadow


and diverse woodland and water habitats.


The prettiest garden was The Alpine Society’s charming scree garden, alpine plants are ideal for small spaces such as this where we can appreciate their beauty,

Bloom 2014 048

complete with miniature chamomile lawn and thyme seat .. just check for bees before you sit down.

Bloom 2014 051

But chatting to the creator of the Celtic Tree garden, Elaine Garde,was fascinating. Her garden sought to reconnect people with their native and natural heritage and featured pottery shapes with ogham writing. She explained how the ancient Ogham Alphabet consists of 22 letters linked to a native plant or tree.



My birthday, soon on the horizon, is linked to the hawthorn, such a beautiful scent in the countryside at present. The hawthorn “offers Psychic Protection for all spiritual journeys”, apparently.

I wasn’t the only one interested in finding one’s connection with their tree. Here President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, chats to Elaine about his tree.


Now I can’t be sure … but I think he’s connected to the alder … or was it the willow?

20 thoughts on “Postcards from the edge. Bloom 2014.

  1. The Celtic garden with it’s links to a unique alphabet is such a fascinating and magical thing! Now we will all want to know which tree we are! I think you must be pleased to be associated with Hawthorn. It has such lovely blossom. I loved the Alpine garden too.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I had just a little less garden when you see what can be done in a small space.


  2. I really like the pictures. They really show cased the mini gardens. I have heard of the blarney stone but I don’t know it’s history of significance. i like the Celtic stones. I like the symbolism of the trees as well.


    • Thank you Honey! According to legend, a great rock, the Blarney Stone, built into the battlements of Blarney castle, endows the kisser with great eloquence!


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