So succulent

Succulent plants are some of the most decorative, their thickened leaves or stems often used to store water.

Late autumn 023

They survive periods of drought well.

Succulents 001

They don’t like sitting in water … good drainage is important.

Gardens Aug 2013 021

Some sempervivums and sedums survive northern European winters quite well.

Succulents 003

But some succulents can’t take frost and need to be taken indoors in winter.

Succulents 005

They add a certain exotic look , their swollen appearance a result of storing water – “succulence”.

Succulents 008

They are easy to propagate – just separate offsets and plant in the ground , and generally very easy to look after.

Late autumn 024

They live very happily in pots – I like to group them on a table in the courtyard .. high up so you can appreciate them.

The most popular to grow are Aeonium, Echeveria and Sedums.

Succulents 010

Dictionary definition of the word “suc-cu-lent”  : adj. highly interesting; delectable.

I quite agree.

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