Firepits in the Garden

A chill February wind is enough to send the hardiest gardener indoors, yet people love to gather round a bonfire. Installing a firepit creates the same focal point as a fireplace does in your sitting room, drawing family and friends into a cosy bonhomie round a flame-filled bowl, and extends the use of your garden into those dark, crisp autumn and winter months.


photo : The Infinite Artisan Fire-Bowl

It’s worth putting a bit of thought into the siting of your firepit. if you’re inviting people outdoors, is there somewhere for them to sit, put down their drink, lighting to lead the way, nothing flammable nearby and so on. Portable firepits are now easily available from hardware stores, garden centres and online.

IMG_2593 Firepit

photo :

Ideally they need to be sited on flat ground on gravel or hard landscaping, preferably as part of the overall design so that they look appealing even when they’re not lit.


More and more elaborate Show Gardens incorporating fire-pits or fireplaces have been seen over the last few years. The most successful ones have built-in often sunken seating creating a sense of seclusion and intimacy,


photo :

Or, they can fulfil more than one function,


Here a raised firepit does double duty in summer as a seating area. photo :

Or, they can use fuel other than wood.

Bloom 2015

A gas fueled raised fire. photo :

We all know the benefits of being outdoors, in nature, and I think firepits can be a great way to encourage us outdoors on the chillest of days!


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