Insect hotels : what, why and how.


            A fun project to do with children over the holidays and, of course, beneficial to pollinators.


So what is an Insect Hotel?

An insect hotel is simply a man-made structure providing accommodation for hibernation, for insects like ladybirds, or a nesting site, for example, for solitary bees. It could also incorporate shelter for frogs and newts depending on the site and structure.

april 2014 057

It is created out of natural, often recycled, materials like old pallets, pots and clay tiles. Its size and design very much depends on materials available and the creativity of the builders.

Using recycled materials to make an insect hotel.

Serving a functional purpose doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be attractive and fun too.

A bee can provide inspiration….

Inspiration for a ... Inspiration for a …

… for a cut or stencilled motif :

.. bee motif. .. bee motif, cut or stencilled.

Why build one?

  • To supplement the increasing loss of habitats
  • To encourage beneficial creatures which aid pest control
  • Encouraging biodiversity is good for the ecological balance…

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