Flowers from the Châteaux

Last year I visited some wonderful Châteaux in the Loire valley and one of the unexpected delights was the spectacular flower arrangements gracing the historic rooms.

I love flowers in the house but my arrangements are always very simple, though colour is an important consideration for me. Flower arranging follows much of the same principles of garden design – balance, contrast, colour and proportion.

So here are some of my favourites in the setting of these medieval castles :

Bedroom, VillandryA simple arrangement of limonium and chrysanthemums which perfectly picks up the colours of the drapes around the bed.

Flowers from the ChateauxA welcome pop of colour in a dark wood-panelled room overlooking the moat.

Flowers from the ChateauxThe salmon-pink paintwork is perfectly reflected in this arrangement.

Flowers from the ChateauxHeight is added to this arrangement in a high ceilinged room and tall enough to be reflected in the mirror behind; again the colours reflecting the paintwork.

Flowers from the ChateauxA lovely arrangement for a very feminine bedroom, picking up the soft colours of the ginger jars, the deeper shades alluding to the marble fireplace.

Flowers from the Chateaux

Strong colours for a striking, masculine room.

Flowers from the ChateauxA favourite of mine – a striking contrast to the lovely blue panelling yet picking up on the peachy detailing.

Flowers from the Chateaux

The pink lilies echo the drapes in the painting, the scent filling the space, which might have seemed cold and lifeless without the arrangement.

Flowers from the Chateaux

Finally, a lovely display of potted plants along a corridor, adding colour to the French grey paintwork.

The photos were taken at the Châteaux of Villandry, Chenonceau and Cheverney, amongst others, and I hope to share the most beautiful gardens from there in the coming weeks.

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