Jordans – The Mill on the Box

Lovers of muesli, especially in Britain, may be familiar with a Mill emblem on their breakfast cereal. This is Jordans Mill, Bedfordshire, home of the Jordan family for over 120 years. Jordans cereals Jordans Mill In 1969, Bill Jordan brought back granola from the US and set about converting Britain to wholegrain granola, here at Jordans Mill. Today the restored Mill can be explored to see how grain is turned into flour. Food and Flower Garden, Jordans Mill In the Mill Meadow, alongside the river Ivel, wild flowers abound, bees and dragonflies flourish and there is the odd flash of blue as a kingfisher dives to fish. River Ivel, Jordans Mill, Bedfordshire Surrounding the Mill is an interesting Food and Flower Garden inspired by the Market Garden history of Bedfordshire.

The snaking path between the herbs, flowers and food crops belies the relatively small size of the garden. Food and Flower Garden Crop rotation of grains and vegetables ensures a changing picture and there is plenty to attract pollinators. Within the garden are contemporary spaces with formally laid out lavender beds and smart benches. Lavender beds Jordans Mill A coffee shop and restaurant overlooks the mill race, selling food made from produce grown in the garden. Jordans Mill Beds. I love how the water around the Mill is still and calm in places, yet rushy and exciting passing under the Mill. Mill race, Jordans mill Jordans’ first Show Garden was awarded a Silver Medal today at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014. This Wildlife Garden shows Jordans commitment to working with nature and to the countryside. Wildlife gardens are difficult to achieve as a Show garden as they need time to develop and look natural, so I’m delighted it achieved this recognition. Designed by Selina Botham, it includes swathes of meadow, fruit trees and a mixed native hedgerow, all complemented by a series of recipes from Ed Kimber, a former winner of The Great British Bake Off. Do have a look at it here.

More information on the Mill here 

11 thoughts on “Jordans – The Mill on the Box

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I feel so happy to have seen it. I think that is because I always feel better when I hear of people who have combined building a business whilst caring for the environment as well.
    I love this garden. It is stunning and feels so restful.
    I am so pleased that they have won at Hampton Court. I am so sad not to be able to go this year, but one of my elderly cats is ill and I can not leave him all day.


  2. What lovely grounds. To create such a beautiful garden while providing a thriving business is truly an accomplishment. I’ll follow the link for more inspiration.
    Great images, thank you.


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