An Irish Garden in the “World’s Top 10”.

The winding drive, down an avenue of beech trees to the front of the house, belies the formality of the garden, not yet visible, at the rear.

Photos from Iphone May 2014 248

The picturesque drive arrives at a formal, almost austere, front façade. And contrast is, for me, the key characteristic of the gardens at Powerscourt Estate, named by “National Geographic” as  number 3 in its Top Ten Gardens of the World.


The Powerscourt Estate is nestled in the Wicklow Mountains, an easy drive from Dublin, in an area of breathtaking natural beauty. And it is this contrast, which is particularly interesting at Powerscourt – the formal green symmetrical amphitheatre laid out below,with its terraces, statues and grottoes, wrestling for attention with the natural backdrop of the fields and the Sugarloaf mountain beyond.

april 2014 078

And I think it does pull it off – the monolithic statues managing to frame the distant view and mirrored by the mature trees in the middle distance.

april 2014 059


One processes in a stately fashion down the grand stone Italianate staircase, with pebble and granite mosaic floor.

april 2014 061

Indeed this setting has been featured in over 25 movies, including “Barry Lyndon”, “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the recent series “The Tudors”… at this point I felt I should be gracing the steps in a crinoline instead of hiking boots.

april 2014 076

Formal gardens are laid out, right and left, and charming French bronze urns frame the scene.

april 2014 067

Ahead lies the Triton Lake with gravity fed fountain , the two pegasii guiding the view.

Photos from Iphone May 2014 215



A stroll around the lake…. and then one looks back to the staircase rising behind and up to the house, a much more rustic façade than the front – again the contrast, a rustic façade with formal gardens and a reverse of the front.

april 2014 083

Various paths lead off to the Japanese garden or the charming Pets’ Cemetery, but I head for the “Tower Valley” to see if the rhododendrons are in flower.

Pinus radiata

Pinus radiata

The formal landscape now loosens up and we stroll amongst specimen trees and rhododendrons flowering in a setting akin to their natural habitat.

Rhododendron sinogrande

Rhododendron sinogrande

Scrambling past the shrubs, the natural landscape too is revealed in all its glory, gorse bushes ablaze.

 May 2014 222

The walk continues back up the hill and a little respite is offered – a bench beside a pond and formal fountain,

Photos from Iphone May 2014 231

before continuing into the old walled garden now densely planted with herbaceous borders.

april 2014 129


The garden, with its contrasting formal and natural elements, was created in the 18th and 19th centuries  – at a time when the 16th century formal gardens were being swept aside by the Landscape movement in 18th century England , followed by the fashion for Italianate terraces of the Victorian era.

 May 2014 244


The house was said to have had one of the grandest country house interiors in Ireland, until all was swept away by a devastating fire in 1974.

april 2014 153

Now, it has been well restored and houses small gift shops and a restaurant.

Planted by the Prince of Wales in 1911

Planted by the Prince of Wales in 1911

It is the small details which I often remember in a garden visit – a Cryptomeria japonica near the house planted by the Prince of Wales in 1911 … how much the world was to change soon after that was planted.

april 2014 141

The trompe l’oeil  gates to the side of the walled formal garden,

april 2014 142

echoing the avenue of Araucaria and Ajax statue just visible beyond.

april 2014 060

The wonderful marble statues of Diana or Apollo, no doubt brought back from Rome after the Grand Tour.

april 2014 062


So what can we learn from this  grand garden?

  • Borrow from the landscape beyond
  • Formal can exist alongside informal
  • A steeply inclined garden can be used to advantage
  • A garden should reflect the architecture of the house
  • Include an element of surprise or contrast in your design
  • Incorporate statues, artwork or a fountain but keep them in scale and harmony

Top Ten” lists of everything are always very subjective – why include that and not this?

The “National Geographic” full list is here.

But I like these lists because they provoke discussion .. and also add to the gardens I would like to see.

I would love to hear if you have a favourite garden or one you’d like to visit.



16 thoughts on “An Irish Garden in the “World’s Top 10”.

    • Not sure how many gardeners there are but the maintenance is of a high standard, no doubt partially covered by the entrance fee.
      Thanks for visiting and really glad you enjoyed the tour.


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