A charming Colonial garden.

Strings of onions, herbs and salted fish hang from the rafters of the Schreuderhuis, a charming whitewashed thatched cottage, c.1709.

Southern Africa 2012 239

Simple furniture in candlelit rooms, open hearths, surrounded by tools, churns and cooking pots, all evoke a picture of life in early 18th century Stellenbosch, perhaps South Africa’s prettiest town, founded in 1679 by Governor Simon van der Stel.

Southern Africa 2012 241

Southern Africa 2012 240

This is the first stop, the oldest house, in the Stellenbosch Village Museum’s trail, its aim to preserve articles of local historical interest in the houses of the period.

SA 2014 336

Outside the kitchen garden surrounds the house – fruit, vegetables and herbs,for culinary and medicinal use, would have grown here side by side.

SA 2014 334

Southern Africa 2012 238

The Schreuderhuis is the first of four houses on this historic Trail, each one progressing in opulence and complexity as we reach the 20th century.

Model of the houses on the Trail

Model of the houses on the Trail

Many of the exhibits have been donated by local residents.

SA 2014 337

A little glimpse of life for these early Dutch pioneers of the Cape colony. 

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