A Hidden Gem – The Basin.

A small entrance in a stone wall looks enticing, here in the inner city.  What lies beyond?

Gardens August 2013 085

A hidden gem indeed.

This is Blessington Street Basin, a haven of calm in the autumn light, 5 minutes walk from the city centre.

2012 291

Beautiful autumn colouring of a liquidamber.

Constructed as a reservoir in 1810 to supply water to the city, its water came from Lough Owel ,via the Royal Canal.                                                Subsequently the water was used to supply the local Jameson and Power whiskey distilleries from 1860 to 1970.

St Joseph's church from the Basin

St Joseph’s church from the Basin

Originally named the Royal George Reservoir (in honour of George III), residents simply call it The Basin.

The Basin 008

Twenty years ago it was rescued from disrepair, railings were erected, shrubs and trees planted and seating bays created.

The Basin 021

Sculptures called “Natural Histories” by Austin McQuinn, are found in niches in the walls.

The Basin 032

And a bird sanctuary on the island means it’s not uncommon, in this part of the city, to see herons, ducks and swans overhead.

The Basin 036

It now offers respite from the city, a lunchtime breath of air from the nearby Mater Hospital and a popular spot for local residents.

Morocco May 2012 675

The planting, under the guidance of Head Gardener Ciara, is always exciting  – whatever the season.

Gardens August 2013 020

The Basin 016

Gardens August 2013 017

Gardens August 2013 021

Gardens August 2013 019

The refurbished  gothic Lodge, built in 1811 for the basin-keeper, is an attractive asset ….

The Basin 011

and another opportunity to display plants.

The Basin 017

The surrounding streets are full of Victorian and Georgian gems.

The Basin 020

The Basin 007

In the evening light, on an autumn day in Dublin, mothers push their prams, children feed the ducks, others read the paper or watch the setting sun; it’s hard to believe we are actually in the city centre.

The Basin 027

(All photography mine; feel free to use any of Jardin’s images but please credit and link back)

9 thoughts on “A Hidden Gem – The Basin.

  1. One of my favourite places in the city. Spent a lot of this summer in there enjoying the sun and the local cat that wanders around. It’s such a great place to just hide away for a while with a book. Lovely post!


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