Jardin – finding you an extra room

We love country gardens.

Mature trees, the borrowed landscape, space ……

But perhaps the most rewarding task is giving urban dwellers a garden – that outside room they didn’t know they had.

Ann's garden 2 009

Many urban gardens in Great Britain as well as Ireland lie behind the distinctive 19th century/Victorian terraced dwellings, often eaten into by bathroom and kitchen extensions.

What remains is a forlorn sidepassage, the repository for bins, leftover bricks and dying plants.

Mount Usher Aug 2013 001

So this is the process whereby the client gained a garden for less than 10% of the cost of a bathroom extension.

Surprisingly the area measured 25 sq m – imagine gaining that much space inside your house.

We began by choosing the “flooring” – in this case,  warm pink granite flagstones, gravel and cobbles.

Ann's garden 2 001

Then the clean-up began :

Ballymaloe Garden Fest 002

The old trellis was removed …

Ballymaloe Garden Fest 006

… and the walls could now be painted to reflect light into the dark space; the new trellis to be painted cream.

Ballymaloe Garden Fest 009

Now to tackle the “floor” ….

Mount Usher Aug 2013 009

The new paving is installed …

Ballymaloe Garden Fest 189

Working to a strict budget, the dark green garden furniture is painted cream.

So that this scene

Mount Usher Aug 2013 002

… becomes this :

Community Awards 054

The planting begins.

Where possible, some existing plants are retained – two red peonies and a camellia.

The beds are filled with spring-flowering bulbs – snowdrops, fritillaria, narcissi, and the warm tones of  Cosmos chocamocha and the foliage of Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ contrast well against the paving.

Cosmos chocamocha

Cosmos chocamocha

Community Awards 053

Ann's garden 3 006

Some structural plants, such as euphorbia and pennisetum, are planted in the owner’s existing collection of pots.

Ann's garden 3 003

Note how the central section of the garden has been pebbled, to create visual interest and contrast, and the bed recessed to create an illusion of width in the narrowest part of the garden.

Ann's garden 3 002

So take a last look…. this is how this ….

Mount Usher Aug 2013 001

… became this ….

Community Awards 052

But the scene is not quite complete…

The yellow door – drawing too much attention to itself – will be replaced by a cream one and trellis fencing will be added to the end wall, to train the existing wisteria and to distract from the scene beyond.

And then there are pots to be filled….

Do come back for another look later!

(All photography mine; feel free to use any of Jardin’s images but please credit and link back)

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