Keeping the spirit of a garden alive.

Every garden we step into, no matter how neglected or forlorn, carries its own individuality, its history, its genius loci.


The rambling rose smothering all in its wake, was perhaps once the cutting brought from grandma’s garden. Beneath the foraging bees on the dense nettles, lies the path once placed with care.

A garden renovation has to be sensitive to preserving that which is worth saving.

June July 2013 072

This artist’s city garden had its own innate personality; cuttings from friends gathered over the years as well as subtle sculptures aplenty – brahmin cattle, torsos, dishes and plaques, all needing a home amongst the planting.

June July 2013 093

Of course, it had some problems too. Nettles and weeds dominated the narrow beds and the paths were difficult to negotiate. Our job was to create a calm haven whilst restoring order.

June July 2013 096

Carefully, the beds were cleared without losing those plants with sentimental value and the pulling together of the planting, to create a cohesive look, could begin.

Gardens Aug 2013 001

Slowly order is restored and the new planting begins.

Gardens Aug 2013 012

The owner wanted a garden which was appealing to birds, bees and butterflies.  The old lavender was retained , to be replaced after it has finished flowering, and was joined by other nectar rich plants such as scabiosa, delphiniums, echinops and sedum.

Gardens Aug 2013 021

An old stone sink, sunk in the ground, once filled with water will support a small fountain pump; the area is softened by collected smooth stones encompassed by succulents.

Gardens Aug 2013 022

Garden features are now visible and the planting, in shades of green and purple, is chosen for contrasting shapes, tones and textures

June July 2013 101

Once the lovely old stone bird bath was filled, it was immediately occupied.

Gardens Aug 2013 025

An area of afternoon shade supports a large acer in a pot, now joined by the lovely Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ , its creamy white blooms glowing in the shade.

Gardens Aug 2013 020

Sculptural plants, like bamboo and euphorbia,  in large pots extend the planting to the paths and seating area.

Gardens Aug 2013 032

The sculptures could now begin to creep back amongst the planting .

Gardens Aug 2013 033

Perhaps this fine fellow will be the new genius loci of this very special garden.

Gardens Aug 2013 044


(All photography mine)

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