Dappled Shade

Foliage plants, such as lime-green euphorbia, grasses, and blue geraniums, take centre-stage in dappled shade in this late-Spring planting. An eye-catching urn helps draw the eye to what had been a shady, neglected corner.

Finding the right plant for a shady corner may seem difficult but there are many choices available to you.  Try to understand what kind of shade you have. Is it an area of dense or dappled shade? Is it dry shade, perhaps at the foot of trees? Are the trees deciduous? Or do you have an area of damp shade?

In a hot summer, an area of shade is an asset. The colours of flowers are softer and lovely effects can be created with lush green planting of different shapes and textures.

June July 2013 107

Here the lovely white form of Dicentra (bleeding hearts) makes a subtle statement.

June July 2013 110

And the tolerant Fatsia japonica can add a tropical look.

Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) have beautiful foliage in Autumn. Pair this with reliable ferns, bergenia and hostas for contrasting textures. All will work in areas of moist shade. Useful ground cover include Ajuga reptans, with its lovely blue flowers, and Lamium maculatum. Pretty Trilliums add spring colour.

Dry shade, where the nutrients and moisture may be leached from the soil by trees or shrubs, can be more challenging so start by enriching the soil with compost. Vinca makes a good groundcover along with lamium, epimediums and Waldsteinia. Heucheras and hardy geraniums are worth trying.

Try to add layers of interest –  climbers such as hedera, climbing hydrangea and an underplanting of bulbs;  you will soon feel that your area of shade is very appealing after all.

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